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All communities are different and we realize that. We can tailor a package of services that will meet your association's goals and help the Board fulfill their responsibilities to your community.


•Weekly onsite inspections of association property

•Assist and advise Board of Directors in carrying out duties and responsibilities

•Receive or all mail & correspondence for assn.

•Completion of insurance questionnaires and filing of insurance claims

•Attend monthly/quarterly board meetings and annual association meeting

•Provide Annual Meeting notices, Proxy and Ballots

•Additional mailings will be done on a cost per piece basis

•Comfortable Conference room facilities for Board or committee meetings

•Keep all files for Association - owners, vendors, Board meeting minutes, etc.

•Storage and/or conversion of association paper files to electronic files

•Association website development and content management services



•Maintain full set of accounting records

•Bill owners for scheduled assessments

•Provide coupon books or periodic statements to owners

•Receive payments via lockbox, office and online

•Provide owners with free, scheduled auto payments

•Pursue collections and obtain liens, under Board's direction

•Collect receivables and pay bills, print checks, get checks signed and mailed out

•Reconcile monthly bank statements, prepare monthly reports and disburse to board

•Compile records for accountant's annual preparation of tax returns and financial statement

•Assist board in budget preparation and provide an annual financial report for the annual meeting

•Local Banking - Board of Directors choice of banking institution

•Reserve studies - through third party providers



•Provide an Annual Manager's Report for Annual Mtg.

•Answer owner inquiries about their accounts and association governing documents

•Complete property questionnaires from lending institutions for purchases and refinancing

•Annual and Semi Annual homeowner property inspections

•Prepare closing documents for sale/refinance

•Provide for 24/7/365 Emergency response



•Meet with prospective vendors for purpose of obtaining quotes for services

•Review contracts with contractors, prior to board review and acceptance

•Follow up with current vendors as needed or required

•Work with Attorneys on legal matters

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